Here’s what we knew was comimg.

(In case you live under a rock, this photo is a screen grab via Twitter.)

It’s the deployment of the Missouri National Guard. The media has danced around it for a week. Writers talked and talked and talked about police being over militarized. People protesting, and looting rationalized–if not out right justified–because of that police presence and how it seemed to be over militarized. Maybe it was, but as citizens of Missouri–it’s all our problem now.

Now, there is no question. You are dealing with the military after dark in Ferguson. Now, people who have nothing to do with Mike Brown will be sent into Ferguson, to restore order. The more this becomes inflamed, the less I understand the outrage.

We’ve been told
It’s about Brown; it’s about police brutality; it’s about wealth inequality; and it’s about militarizing the police. I’m not sure how looting more businesses in the area helps with any of those problems.

I don’t see the coverage coming from a Ferguson local, it’s all gritty, Canadian white kids who like sticking cameras in cops faces. That’s how I see it. I’ve watched the live feeds. It seems like outsiders feeding a narrative to the people inside this situation. That’s not a conspiracy theory, those are the optics. Short attention spans remember? They’re trying to explain their narrative to the outside, and it’s overtly slanted. While us, the people actually paying to send in the Mo National Guard, get sold the same flawed narrative.

We haven’t even gotten to November. Will democrats stand with Steve Stenger, after the mudslinging in the primary? Will people look at Rick Stream’s DOD experience and see voting for him, as furthering over militarization?

Who knows… No one knows what to expect. What we do know is, Occupy Portland called a local civic leader Antonio French a “snitch”. Which given what was painted on the Quick Trip, should give everyone chills. Even if I don’t agree with what he’s saying, I agree that he has more skin in this game than the people manning the twitter account for Occupy Portland.

This is the Gateway city, it won’t be occupied. You won’t close the Gateway.


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