So I went to Ferguson. I was called out by someone on twitter about commenting on a scripture tweeted out. She called me out here. So, I brought 2 boxes of cookies to the people organizing the Food Bank.

(My Photo)

The Ferguson locals were wearing yellow shirts, cigarettes hanging from their lips as they stacked and sorted the can goods and food being donated. That’s the north county I know. Down to earth people, hard working people. I saw no celebrities or news cameras. I intentionally drove around W. Florrisant. I took Airport road, it looked exactly the same as it did, the last time I drove that route.
On that same route you cross a street called Evergreen. Can’t make these facts up.

I saw an ambulance driving away from the protest up the street. That’s a good thing, that means civil services are serving the local community. But will it be the same tonight?

That seems to be the question asked each day in St. Louis, since Mike Brown was shot by Officer Darren Wilson. How will the community react? Each day new details re-opening old wounds.

It reacted naturally at the onset–which was to say, the community was outraged. And everyone agrees, the police over-reacted to the public. It was heavy handed. The governor, Jay Nixon issued a State of Emergency and put a curfew in place.

It is almost 4 pm on a Sunday, celebrities are talking at organized events. The Sunday shows had their pundits on and the usual grandstanding occurred, via the same old platitudes.

Nobody is listening, everyone is watching the clock waiting for midnight. Mostly, the national media who’s ascended on the area. It’s already being compared to Tahir in 2011. Which to me, seems utterly absurd.


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