The most viewed video in his history.

That fact just means more people have a way to view the video, not that it’s anymore important of an event. That means good business for the communication industry. “And brother, business is a booming.”, as Brad Pitt once said in ‘Inglorious Bastards’.

Hype and clichés… When do we get back to the kid? Mike Brown, who was shot with his hands up? What’s not being tweeted about is the investigation that’s going on. It’s not trending. Zero, has been said, since the troubles have began, about developments from the investigators. Names have been leaked, but nothing from Law Enforcement. It’s been that group “Anonymous”, some sort of online community.

Which reminds me who’s suppose to be handling this? DOJ? State AG? County Prosecutor? I don’t know. No one is giving answers to those questions, just hearing about a journalist being detained and let go by St. Louis County Law Enforcement. Sucks bro, I’ve been there. But quite frankly, your story wouldn’t impress most of the people who knew the area before you decided to show up.

Pic via Twitter

The world is watching… Indeed it is.

Note: Photo above, is one from the story of over a quarter of a million Kurds being displaced in Iraq.


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