What’s The Show-Me State Showing The World

It started Saturday afternoon. The whole state was behind the community of Ferguson, Mo–the whole world. We all wanted to know how an 18 year-old was gunned down in broad daylight, by a cop. Mike Brown’s death (homicide, justifiable or otherwise) was a tragedy, no one in the area took lightly. Then… The looting started. And the conflict with LEO has continued. Even through tonight we saw this photo below, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This is a photo of a projectile being returned to LEO, who’re charged with enforcing law and order, according to our system of government. That’s what this tragedy has turned into, as I see it, an indictment by one demographic’s view of our country. Now, this is what’s playing out. How we’re seen internationally matters, as pointed out by this Irsih writer John Dunne.


The Clergy Coalition Action Forum met tonight, Govenor Jay Noxon was there, to discuss non-violent ways to have an angry community’s voice heard. Honestly, he should have been speaking Sunday morning at the same church, but that’s my humble opinion. I suggested that in a tweet. It’s your, the reader’s, duty to troll it. Seriously, the best highlights of the event came from Jane Dueker, a St. Louis power player in the Democratic Party. This was her most jarring note of the night, a retweet regarding a message, via a video from Anonmysous, an online digital/hacker group. They posted the wrong names of Ferguson Police officers, forcing an evacuation of their families from their homes.

Another writer, Charles C. W. Cooke called the looming media circus, “the professional grievance industry [announced] its intention to descend vaingloriously upon the scene”. Cynical? Maybe. But not inaccurate. Also, worth mentioning he’s British, so, he sees the country differently, as well.

So, if we entertain the notion, for just a second–that Ferguson is now a war zone–the terror is coming from both sides. Now, that Anonymous has made it’s ill thought out move. It’s escalating and coming like birthing pains. As soon as the sun goes down, trouble ensues.

I hope the words of Gov. Nixon, Dueker, and the other speakers, get through. This is becoming quite concerning. The optics alone, are enough to keep one up at night.


One thought on “What’s The Show-Me State Showing The World

  1. […] all come to label as “sensational coverage”. Charles C Cooke called it the “professional grievance industry“. These protest happened near The Grove, arguably the most progressive part of St. Louis, the […]

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