The riots in the north part of St. Louis County tonight seem suspicious. Well, not really. Not if you’re familiar with the area. I know, it’s baffling. I’m stupefied as I’m watching it and I know the demographics of the area very well, it’s predominantly African Americans. It’s pocketed as far as income, however, it’s unique. It’s got serious, high profile education issues and is a place well known, to be a place to purchase illegal drugs.

No new details or developments, other than the witnesses and photos of the scene. The rest was the confrontation that ensued. Then a vigil/protest was set up by radical social justice leaders and the group became uncontrollable, just like in Zuccoti and Tahir, but way faster. Everyone knew it was coming and it came. It is what it is, as the cliché goes. This is the Trevon media fixation on steroids. Rodney King trials? We haven’t even gotten to the investigation yet and people are already looting. Al Sharpton, hasn’t even shown up and gas stations are being set on fire. People wouldn’t even wait around for the special investigators to come in from Jefferson City, like County Executive Charley Dooley announced. They didn’t listen to Antonia French, a local alderman, when he tried to encourage civility. I know most readers aren’t asking “why”, right now. Possibly it’s mistrust of the system as a whole, who knows? Really? Most readers are not asking “why”, most readers are asking what I mean by “they”–well let me be crystal clear–I mean the looters. I, in absolutely no way mean the people who were actually there to remember Michael Brown and protest the fact that he was shot by a police officer in the street, in broad daylight. I don’t mean the “they” who were there to ask why this happens more in one county in Missouri and not the other. I mean the people who felt they could take things in the name a dead kid, and the idiots who saw it and did the same.

This is now, no longer about why a kid is dead. It’s now about what I mean by “they” and how a community looks to the world. Spray painting “RIP Michael” on a looted Quick Trip?

(Photo via Twitter)

It had to get to this point? Where SLMPD Chief , from a different jurisdiction, had to organize the actual application of law and order? Because people have real fear of it spreading to the rest of the county and city. Honestly, I felt this might happen in a small isolated way, maybe an on going protest out of UMSL. Something savvy, someone who wouldn’t yield, maybe an arrest, definitely the media coverage. But I didn’t expect this level of blatant disregard of “the system”. Such disturbing opportunist, to loot so openly. But like I said, it is what it is.

That’s why we get a special visit from super awesome pundits, to tell us how racist we are as a state, how ignorant we are. How we lack the ability to differentiate between a looter and a protester and a mourner.

Brace yourself for the hate, Show-Me State… I guess that could become a cliché, of it’s own.


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