Apples And Asteroids

After last night, lots of op-eds and tweets were flying around, which is expected. One I did not expect to see is this one. A tweet from NPR’s Jason Rosenbaum, a well established St. Louis journalist and on-air personality.

After a night of looting by, what was reported as, predominantly African Americans, a journalist–who usually does great work–tweeted this link. I guess the importance of it being written one year ago, has to do with the looting? I’m not certain how the two are connected at all, but that seemed to be the message that was attempting to be conveyed, visa vie 140 characters. (Which, is a lot harder than it sounds.) I’m not certain how a man wearing a mask, who’s paid to entertain compares to this photo, via David Carson.


Unless the tweet was Mr. Rosenbaum saying how poorly framed both narratives were, by both, liberal and conservative media outlets. I guess they compare, in that they were sensationalized. Maybe?

Other than that, I find the comparison utterly ridiculous. A reach at best and hackery at worst. Yes, both are issues that involve race. But one was people offended by a mask and a skit, the other involved a dead kid, the police as the shooter, and “protest looting”. It is like comparing apples to asteroids.

I excepted to see such thinly held together comparisons, in order to take the focus off of opportunistic looters and the damage they’ve done to the “cause” of fighting a perceived bourgeoning police-state–not to mention the actual damage to property– but not from the likes of a Mr. Rosenbaum.

We still have Rev. Al Sharpton to hear from later today and the lawyer who represented Trevon Martin’s Family has been hired to represent the Brown Family. So, I’m certain, this won’t be the most outrageous tweet we see today. It was just the first one, not one you expect on a Monday at 8 am, but in Mr. Rosenbaum’s defense, it’s been a crazy ass weekend.

Swinging in a completely different direction off topic, than Mr. Rosenbaum.
Moments after I had published this short ramble, this piece was tweeted out by the St. Louis American. The headline and photo, make it seem as if a bomb went off in north St. Louis. It didn’t.. But as we all know, people glance at the news. That’s why optics became a political buzzword. “How does it look at a glance, from the average persons perspective?” That’s what’s constantly asked by PR people and political staffers.


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