Still? It’s Becoming Harder To Dismiss The Claims Of A Burgeoning Police State.

A young man Named Michael Brown lost his life today in Ferguson, Missouri. A municipality right outside the city limits of St. Louis city. He was shot by a police officer. Obviously the details aren’t being released yet, but the optics aren’t good at this point. This became uncomfortably clear, speaking to a Canadian acquaintance online. Who was reading about the events that transpired in North County, as it’s typically referred to by the St. Louis metro locals.

According to Mediaite, a witness saw Brown running away with his hands in the air, after the police attempted to place him in a squad car.


“Ferguson Police Chief Thomas Jackson told the Post-Dispatch that the officer involved has been placed on paid administrative leave.”
“We are hoping for calm and for people to give us a chance to conduct a thorough investigation,” Jackson said.”

This Canadian construction worker, who also served with the Royal 22nd regiment in Canada’s 38th battalion, immediately saw it as a clear manifestation of racial tensions and disparities.
I mean… This is St. Louis, they are withholding reports of investigations of people committing corruption, who also committed suicide. FBI has the report, county has the report, but the public can’t see the report. It could be a while before we know details. Can’t make this stuff up…
Plus, the county executive, Dooley, (an African American) just lost his re-election bid by a mind-boggling margin.

Do we know the race of the officer yet? No. So, can we wait on the racism narrative?
The tension and reaction of the people of Ferguson is completely understandable, in fact they showed great restraint when faced with a heavy police presence.

The Optics Abroad
The Canuck made some great observations however, and are hard to ignore. It does seem like this kind of thing happens to a disproportional number of African-Americans and it seemed to him that our law enforcement was out of control. I wasn’t sure what to say to him..

That northern part of St. Louis County is a wild ass place. Trust me.

This Canadian talked about what his plan was if he ever had to deal with American LEO.

I watched my friend get cavity searched in 2007, in full view of the public, about 8 blocks from where that kid was shot. My friends name was Tionne Roach. He was killed a few months later… Yes. I know what you mean, when I deal with the police, I’m extremely cautious.

But here’s the flip side, when I show that caution, they almost always step out of the cop character and become human. I don’t count a bad cop, as a members of LEO.

Hopefully, the state police or the Feds can investigate quickly. People want answers.

Personally, this makes me sick to my stomach and I pray for the parents who lost their kid. I know it’s stupid to even pray to some people–but it’s literally the least I can do at this point. (The Canuck was an atheist)

I didn’t know what to really say to him other than:

I don’t have any answers man, we’re flooded with heroin and they can’t contain it or stop it. It causes crime, which causes LEO to be jumpy–that’s the best scenario at this point. I hope it was just a jumpy cop, who is punished and it isn’t some sort of crazy corruption or racism. Honestly, I think the city would snap if it becomes a narrative about race.

Sad day in St. Louis. Rest In Peace Michael Brown.


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