Out Of The Frying Pan And Into The Fire

So, in the St. Louis County Executive race Steve Stenger soundly defeated Charley Dooley in yesterday’s Democratic primary, I mean soundly. I’ll steer clear of the “war rhetoric” that annoys so many, namely Tony Messenger via The St. Louis Post-Dispatch Editorial Board. Honestly, I agree but I digress with this tweet as an example.

Stenger now squares off with someone named Rick Stream. He seems to be a worthy foe. Experience to the gills, ,laid out here, by CBS local, and already seems to have a steady low key approach. Stream doesn’t seem like he’ll allow his campaign to be sucked into the same viscously, far from tranquil mudslinging, that did Dooley in, nor does he have the skeletons Dooley had–that allowed him to be bogged down in the first place.

With all that the St. Louis area faces and what it means to more than just St. Louis County, Stream may seem more appealing to the voters, when faced with the reality of a need for damage control and “cleaning house”. Stream’s DOD and military back ground gives credibility, that Stenger simply doesn’t have.

Primaries behind, bigger elections ahead. Rick Stream, seems to have few flanks, pardon the “war rhetoric” applied to politics, but it seemed apropos.

Photo via Todd Martin, Twitter

“The king makers” as Dooley called them, have their work cut out for them.

“Done, Done and I’m on to the next one.”
– Dave Grohl.


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