Patriotism: My Meaning.

This, from The Feralist post from the Fourth of July
This picture below, it froze on my device that a way. Fear not, this is not a scathing product review. I refreshed it and it worked again, immediately.


Well, it made me think. What does it mean. Then, I thought I was over thinking it, so I let it go. It did however pose the question ‘what is patriotism’?

This photo was just a map, but the headline made me pause.

graphic, via mediaate

Red states? More like redcoats. Screw the British… Of course not, or the French, for the idiots who forgot "they sat with us at the lunch table before we were cool." As Neal Dewing put it.

Um, Missouri sells to two of those states and Indiana probably makes some money off the western stretch of Illinois.

New England is very small, they can all see each other's fire works. And I'm sure Connecticut is making a killing.

Also Canada can see, so, it probably annoys them a little, which is a little funny.

Did fireworks come from the Chinese? Yes. Thank them, hand them some potato salad.

And how can a map be absurd? It’s a map… However one lady, called it absurd. I read the comment where one lady said "absurd map", I didn't read the article. I'm just commenting on "the map", "the Facebook post". Which is to say the glance at it.

Those are all knee jerk reactions. It’s the great thing about our nation. We can have “knee jerk reactions”. We can explain them and clarify.

Then I saw this photo:

Photo via Andrew Kirrell

It made me remember, people have different views and concerns. Different drives and ambitions that motivate them everyday. It also made me remember we all seek protection under this flag (h/t Buck Sexton, on that Reagan quote.)

Patriotism, to me, is about the effort and willingness to make amends with those you disagree with from time to time, our countrymen(women, cis, ect.).


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