A Social Media Study?

Facebook is studying people I hear. Well, here’s my review of their product.
You can read about the study here.

photo via Andrew Kirrell

It’s a good product for what I want it for, which is to communicate with a very specific audience. So specific, it can’t be explained, even if it could be, most people have no desire to explain how their Facebook page became their Facebook page. It’s people being social. You should always, wether you’re a person or a corporation, explain why you are studying/observing/documenting–especially if you’re calling it “hard data”.

Twitter is a more effective teaching tool than Facebook, especially if it’s an open account.

Spreading “misinformation” is harder. Anyone can see it and confront an assertion. Two kinds of people do that: 1) people who don’t want misinformation spread, and sometimes don’t want someone to look foolish. They correct out of kindness and integrity. 2) spiteful people who have a cause and are opportunistic. They pounce on mistakes or misinformation. Thats why it’s called “bait”. Because they pounce on it, without thought.

The latter group operates on emotion, the emotions manipulated by a “cause”. We label it passion, sometimes. Which makes them more susceptible to “taking the bait”. Sometimes we label it extreme, and the people “extremist”. Those people are very susceptible to bait.

I personally compartmentalize all my social media, so, the reasoning really cannot be explained. It all happened along side my life. It’s only recently, that I realize what I’ve been using all these years, and how it’s been using me.

I give Facebook 3 stars. Which is what I give most products, when I take the time to review their company’s efforts.


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