Speaking Truth To Power

I have recently had a conversation with someone who hunts organized sex traffickers for a living. In the natural flow of discussing law enforcement, pot came up and they called the cannabis reformation movement the “legalization mafia”.

This isn’t someone who is a bored troll on the internet. He works for the government and isn’t interested in arguing policy on social media, I guess he’s to busy stopping actual evil people.

His very educated view was, that this is not about cannabis reform at all, it’s about a larger, more radical social shift. A tone set by a highly aggressive, well organized “social justice” reformers. In my particular geographical location, the center of that organized front is in S. St. Louis. It’s all in the name of “progress”.

Knowing them personally, I’m sure they take being called a “legalization mafia” as a badge of honor. However, how would the professionals answer the question: “Are you working with a ‘mafia’?” They’d call you a conspiracy theorist and refuse to continue the dialogue. I’ve tried, trust me.

Even though, I have the screenshots of people in that part of St. Louis, proudly referring to themselves as “the gaystopo” (they took it down from their twitter bio when I told them about the pink triangles in concentration camps). One alderman in St Louis, who’s very cozy with the LBGT community, calls herself “Miss Pinkerton” on twitter. You see the clever rhetoric poking at the “holy hillbillies”, as they’re called, by the progressive elites?

See what I’m getting at? How it is impossible to confront that loose rhetoric, that sounds like secretive bigotry, without being called a bigot yourself. Because this VERY AGGRESSIVE political group has clearly made a target of evangelicals, while taking no issue with other religions. This group is now “the power”. Who’s left to speak truth to that power? Who’s left to ask “are you a mafia”?

Well, that shouldn’t ever be the case in this country…

Is it a ‘mafia’, a group willing to do anything to attain their idea of “progress”? Cause it certainly seems like a question worth asking, now that this aggressive and bitter demographic is the power and we always speak truth to power in this country.

This “political front” is now firmly entrenched in academia and our state education at every level. Pointing that out, immediately evokes cries of “homophobic!”, which I’m not. It’s a statement of fact. LBGT lifestyle is widely excepted and fiercely defended, especially in academia.

The question posed in this piece of thinking is: how does one confront this power structure?

I have great screen shots on this phone.



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