Private Chattering: A ramble that applies to a select few…

That St. Peter’s burn hurts, Chris. It cuts me deep. Obviously you made a friendly “bro” burn. (Friendly insider talk.)

In other news, Bill Maher does have a right to be an asshole. He’s stayed in character for 30 fuckin years in “the business”. Always the same sanctimonious son of bitch–but always a comedian. That’s the thing about “staying in character”, I think you have to have some in first place, to maintain it.

That mother fucker took the Catholics on, and live to tell the tale. Not a lot of people can say the same.

That’s an over all contentious point in the “American Church”, that is to say with people who identify in some form with Christianity–be it MORMONS (Ryan) or Protestantism with it’s many sects and divides.

Contentious point: Free speech. Who gets it? Who ensures it? Who VERIFIES it as actual speech, on behave of a religion? (Churches are a lot like corporations, a lot like corporations. They have rights too.)

Those conflicts can be exploited by whom an why? Simple questions? Complicated answers asked by me–Grant. To A few friends, they know I love them, dearly.

(Phot via, Mrs Hizer. Edited from original format. )

This photo is what/who Maher seems to her trying to protect, in his attack on the tenements of faith who harm small children–they did by the way . It’s a fact. Maher addressed that on his platform, even putting in his own funds. That deserves respect, and most definitely the curtsey of hearing him out. 30 years in the business, does that–it gives you credibility.


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