“Drones”, the Movie…

I saw a trailer for a new film about drone warfare. Seen here

Then, I found an online interview with the director and actors of the film, hosted by the Huffington Post. Seen here.

The director and actors don’t sound very well researched on the topic. It looks awful, but what bothered me the most was the marketing I saw for the film. I find it highly suspicious that the film makers did not have the cooperation of the USAF, yet had a “drone operator from Las Vegas” operating as a technical advisor, (like in other films such as “Zero Dark Thirty”) as stated in the Huffington Post interview.
Here’s what the Canadian company, Phase 4 Films, that is distributing the film touts as a “selling point”. Seen here. Where, it clearly says “in the vein of… Zero Dark Thirty and Hurt Locker”
Watching the trailer, I’d say that’s a stretch.

So, all that lead to this…

(Graphics in collaboration with Eddie Adams)


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