Sextonian Libertarian

I was recently asked what “Sextonian libertarian” meant. I was asked that because it’s on my Twitter bio. Let me save you the suspense, it means nothing. That is to say, it doesn’t mean anything to anyone, but me.
The phrase was born last year on a Saturday, where Buck Sexton used to have a 3 hour program discussing politics and current geopolitical events. Since then, he’s moved to weekdays with a 2-hour format, and filled in for the top 3 conservative radio host in the country reaching a vast audience.
On that Saturday, in the Fall of 2013, Sexton was discussing a fictional country, Sextonia, where he was the undisputed leader. I thought it was clever, so I declared myself a “Sextonian Libertarian”, put it on my bio and that’s the story.

It’s nothing mysterious or cryptic, it’s just the truth.



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